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Guide of Company Culture (Company Code of Conduct) v1.1.5

Guide of Company Culture (Company Code of Conduct) v1.1.5

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This is one of cheat key for improving your life. If you acquire this, your life would be totally different as good.
This is guide for long term contract with us.
This is standard for remote working, if you believe remote working value.
  1. Keep Trust
  1. Reduce communication costs.
  1. Keep self management
  1. Make a result instead of done

Code of Conduct

We’re MustCrew. We’re the world best remote working company. We’re world best environment to being hyper growth.
Our target market is top tier, our requirement is also top, it is not only required about your coding skill. Making code is not enough for the top tier. Top tier market can’t be avoid “competitive”, we must beat competitors, so we must have competitiveness.
If you’re looking for a traditional employee handbook filled with policies and rules, you won’t find one. Policies and rules tell you where the bottom is - they tell you how poorly you can perform before you get shown the door. That’s not us.
We prefer to have incredibly high standard and to hire exceptional people who enjoy pushing themselves to perform at the highest levels every day. We want to surround ourselves with people driven to do the right thing and act with integrity even when no one is looking.
if this you ? if so, we’re glad you’re here and we look forward to doing amazing things together. If this isn’t you. You’ll be successful somewhere else. We don’t mean to sound harsh; it’s just the truth.

0. Do not do unethical stuff

(Performance management and Abusing.)
If you do something stupid, depending on the circumstances you may be coached and given another chance or you may be asked to leave. We can’t afford to waste our time dealing with stupid stuff when we have so many important things to get done.
If you need them, here are some examples of stupid things people do:
notion image
  1. Definition of abusing: Yes, here is definition of abusing, kindly see. Not only automouse, hand move mouse, laziness and negligence all included. "Enron" bankrupt cause minor things.
    1. 💡
      We have cheating the system by making false activity, please do not stupid. Report to supervisors when you need to improve your environment.
  1. Making false clicks and use of keyboard.
    1. AutoMouse
    2. Public Software
    3. Private Software
    4. Self made clicks and keyboard without work or results
    5. Do not fill activity to being over average activity count by automouse, programs, hand move, other talent move without nothing meaning screen move.
    6. Do not work on offline to avoid of no screenshot
    7. Do not hand move keep activity.
  1. Do not self-learn in company, but focus how make huge-value
    1. This place is not school, it is company which make "huge-value", if you spend your time for self-learning you can plus few percentage. If you spend time and energy to make value in project. You can multiply your value. That is why top talents get high salary among geniuses. Remember your value come from product value instead of your "age". If you want to learn yourself, go back to school.
  1. If you don’t have task on our company, What you need to do.
    1. If someone say like this, that is one of stupid question and word. I gonna use sample from apple Steven jobs, he asked to randomly their member “what value do you make in our company”. If they say “no task and self learning” That is 100% instantly be fired. “No tasks”, mean he/she doesn’t have “independent working skill”. That is why can’t understand business and project. It call huge communication cost and take energy and time from project leader and members.
  1. Due to a junior level, you can’t find todo and high priority
    1. Yeah, I understood you are junior level, company has mandatory we help you and growth. In this time you can. Ask to project leader or Ask to HRD team or Ask to any supervisor until you find.
  1. Do not make done of jira card without any value.
  1. Do not work with “todo” task on hubstaff
  1. Do not work without “define problem or expected result”
  1. Hire other talent instead of the contracted person without notifying us.
    1. If you decide to hire and manage other talent instead of you, it is fine. But you must notify us in advance. Otherwise it is a breach of contract with us.
    2. In case that you hire other talent, you must give us right performance, without that our contract can be revoked or changed.
    3. Whatever without notice contract can be immediately revoked and salary can be deducted.
    4. In addition, we can sue you for our lost business.
  1. My keyboard or mouse doesn’t work
    1. Oh sorry I missed to talk to you in advance, my keyboard and mouse was not correctly work. So I couldn’t only turn on time tracker.
      1. If your keyboard and mouse doesn’t work, how you can work?
      2. You can use slack app to message HRD team.
      3. If our HRD system doesn’t found your problem.
  1. Not report, when no have task, and self learning without notice to project leader or product manager.
  1. Not work priority task, and focus on not important.
  1. Not try to make value and try to fill time only.
  1. Just start time tracking and nothing do for one two hours.
  1. Not follow company guide and project leader and cause high communication cost due to low independent working skill.
  1. Watch learning by book by Youtube with phone or other laptop, and making self keyboard.
  1. Do not keep our code and document assets and make it public.
  1. Disclosing confident information.
  1. Spending time to self-learning, we are not high school.
  1. No call, No show, if you look for one day working place, here is wrong place. Our assumption will be that if you don’t call and don’t show up for work, you’re a jerk. You better have a really good reason for the letting us know why you didn’t come in or you’re out of here. One time is enough.
The list could go on and on. If you think you’re kind of person who might do something that could be on a list of stupid stuff, do us all a favor and leave now.


Once talent make situation of abusing instantly took $5,000 worth resources.
Many teams have to be involved to check this incident, $5,000 is small for our resources. Define ETC Penalty
  1. If you are under review status, your holiday and any benefits will be withheld.


For any reason if employee is making system abuse will have following consequences:
  1. Direct termination of employment without salary.
  1. Will be charged with $5,000 fine for the waste of resources and cheating the system.
  1. No Salary for days worked.

1. Keep Trust

Honest and Trust is similar word, but has big difference gap.
Example here, a talent lie to us for 'one situation', if we ask honest again again again.
To keep honest, talent can lie to us. It is hard to say to us to recover living to us.
To keep trust mean talent always need time to consider not to break trust for many situations.
Difference = one situation vs many situations
If you lie or hide an issue, we can't help. The end-user will then leave us when the time is up. Our experience has shown us several times that when time is up, we can't support end-users and it will require more energy and cost, but the most critical thing is that our business would cease to exist. Tell your manager if you cannot finish on time. After that, we reacted to what was important. Being honest is especially important when working remotely. - Sample -
Good developer Arslan case. If Arslan developer made a mistake or made a fault, Arslan developer immediately approved and reported with a solution. Thus, the company delivered a qualified product on time and did not miss market timing. We could keep end-users.
Bad developer Norlan case.
He didn't have enough experience, but he didn't want to lose the trust of his coworkers, so he tried to lie lie lie. Due to his task, he delayed the project. By the end of the month, he would have overdue, of course we don't want to be in a bad light with the leader, and he didn’t notice either.
Finally, competitors stole our end-users and market share, closing the product.
In this company, Norlan has spent the last year working as a developer, but everybody knows he is an old-age developer and a fake developer instead of a respectable senior-level developer.
That rule is applied to manager and leader, if manager made mistake or fault, say “this is my fault”, and then we can save our “life time” Instead of spending time on communication, we should spend time on making products. We will be more valuable.

2. Reduce communication costs.

One day is limited, and each member has limited energy. We often make mistakes or ignore the communication costs.  Example. If the manager discusses with 20people for 1 hour each, it would take 20 hours. That is why each member tries to reduce communication costs. Here is a tip for you. First. The most efficient is "say conclusion" first. When you made a "conclusion", you could give clear communication. Seconds. Asynchronous communicationIf you try to work with documents, you can work on another continent that has different local times.

3. Keep self management 

When you have a healthy body, you should have a smart brain that works efficiently. Here is a tip for you. First. We usually come to the office at 9 am, This is one of promises for myself if I can't keep my promise, how we can finish important things.

4. Keep on time

Our sales team needs to care a lot about costs and losing business change if overtime is up. Development departments need to do worthless work and make worthless costs either.How you can make it on time, here is a guideFirst. make break down the task.  Example. Version0.1.0 for less than one day, version0.2.0 for less than three days, and version0.3.0 for less than one week. Second, make your own demo day. Share your tiny result with others. In sharing your demo, you will learn what you need to improve.
Third, make best practice environment development.
If you don't have the energy, ask the manager and then request what you need to improve.

5. Flexible Working

It is important that every member feels “connected”
At least one member must get a “time shift” and set their stable working time if they do not feel connected and require high communication costs. “Remove” time shift and flexible working is not a benefit, it is a different working style, and important is “connected”. We are a company. The company must deliver qualified products to the market and make results. Alternatively, you may find a school project instead of a professional project if you disagree with this.
When at least one member feel “not connected”, they need to be back to “time shift” to keep their best condition. Human is not robot, we are easy to lazy than we expected. and flexible time require more energy and self management than we expected.


Leaves Management

Public Holidays

As per our company policy you will be allowed 15 paid Public Holidays Annually. Approved public holidays are mentioned in this document:
Following are the requirements:
Official holiday = paid = at least 3months + promote to regular member + full time + 80% over working.
Part Time Case:
Last 3 month’s average will be taken in order to approve the public holiday.

Annual Leaves

As per the company policy you will be allowed 12 paid Annual Leaves. You can use these leaves for the purpose of your personal errands and family commitments.
Following are the requirements:
12 days except official holiday = paid = over one year member + full time + 80% over working last month + not break company rules and not make HRI cost. (e.g In south Korea we give one day off for no late person at last month)
Criteria for applying the leaves:
  1. Every month you will be given 1 Annual Leave which will accumulate to 12 leaves.
  1. More than 7 days leave needs to be approved by CTO/Product Owner
  1. Leave should be applied with reason and fulling the above mentioned requirements

Evaluation Policy

Evaluation helps management to identify the core competencies and abilities of employees in the company. Also helps the employee to generate more results according to market on time with proper feedback.

Paid Test Evaluation:

It is evaluation for paid test candidates which is conducted after 7 or 14 days of hiring based on their paid test contract. The candidates who will successfully pass the paid test evaluation will proceed to employment with Must Company for probation.

Probation Evaluation:

Probation evaluation is for employees who are working with our company for 3 to 6 months based on the contract. In probation evaluation the complete performance review of last 3 months is done and presented to management for review. During this time management can easily identify the core skill and capabilities of an employee.
Once the probation evaluation is reviewed the employee is given Re-Evaluation Date.


Re-Evaluation can be any date given by the management for reviewing performance for the purpose of checking, promotion or increment. Re-Evaluation will help management to understand the consistency of performance and where the employee is lacking during the journey of his experience with our company.
If the management is satisfied with the re-evaluation of performance another re-evaluation date is given.

Resignation Policy

Policy of resignation is to take place at the time of resignation or when an employee has decided to leave the company.
  1. Employee should serve 1 month notice period at the time of resignation.
  1. If they require less time for notice period it should be approved my the management.
  1. Employee have to complete all task and hand over to superior before leaving. There should be no pending tasks.

Do not have barrier for the Multi language.

Example : Arbic Mark Zuckerberg doesn't understand Arabic or any other language, but he serves every country. Likewise, we are trying to serve each country differently. We need to break down multilingual barriers for service to Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, etc. Example2: How to break.
Using "Kboard" wordpress plugin, which is made in Korean.
One of our developers doesn't know Korean, so he made a language module for development; he converted it using Google Translate. When he releases to end-users, he converts into Korean. Using this method, he was able to overcome his language barrier.
When faced with a problem, a good developer, especially the lead developer, must find a solution.
We are looking for a lead developer instead of an old developer. Rather than making  high communication costs, we are looking for developers who produce results.

Running project

A running service project as Full time over 8 years, excluding freelancer and part-time.
Whenever we work with developers who have full-time experience, they have more knowledge of exception cases, and they always solve issues quickly.
Other than that, people who work part-time or freelance or work for an agency rather than running projects full-time were no better than junior developers.
Despite spending a lot of time and energy for a decade, we call that fake experience. Software value comes from the "trust of the end-user" that believes this has some value.
Many agencies have made similar copycats or clones of Facebook and failed, as they do not have the "trust" of end users.
As a FullTime developer with experience running projects, they have deep insight, knowledge, and skill beyond what is generally expected.
This is why we only approve experience "running service projects" as a Fulltime instead of as an agency.

Co-working start from read legacy code

Enough experience reading other developer code.
We’d met many fake developer or junior developer who doesn’t like reading code what made by other developers. And always they tried to make new code instead of use legacy code.
They said always same pattern.
However that doesn’t mean your excuse, we are focusing on “continuous programing”. Our solution for that.
  1. Work with good developer.
  1. Other, no have, good developer always done and made result what ever code.

Market timing

Knowing the "market time" and having experience with development skills is necessary to follow it.
Consumers don't wait for us, the market is so cynical that if we don't have time we need to follow market time, not our development time. We do not want to wrap dirty-code, dirty-practice in "agaile", dirty is dirty, trash is trash, no excuse we have for that.
Nevertheless, experienced developers know what is priority and what needs to be prioritized. Developers often ignore "market time" and then when the product comes, several months of their careers are ruined.
There are many times when a project that has cost a lot of money and lasted more than two years is thrown away.
As a result, we need experienced developers who understand the concept of "market time"

Analyzing skill

Good at analyzing "dirty code" that another developer has created.
POC projects start from a "time limit", so the developer didn't make best practice code instead of his original plan. Even developers know this is not a good practice, but to finish a POC version, someone must finish it. As in this case, only a sufficiently experienced developer with a large system and large code that has been created by many developers can analyze the system. For example. Analyzing or asking a good question can help you follow the flow, how the code works, and how to follow from last task. It is a developer with good "analyze skills" and "code-reading skills".

Experience of making best

Experienced in making qualified products for the last 3 years.
Although, we made dirty code since we needed to finish the project on time. However, our pride doesn't allow us to exist in these codes in this world. Therefore, we must refactor code for continuous implementation. As a result, you need to have enough experience to know what is best practice code.

On time delivery

Good at on-time developer.
There is a limit to time, we have to choose where to use it to make a result.ts.
An experienced developer will plan what he can do and what he needs to do next week if we have one week.
An experienced developer will plan what he can do and what he needs to do next month if we have one month.
Experienced developer must be good at time management.


Good understanding of the business model and make define what need to do next independently.
Are you waiting for the next todo direction? That means our team sync isn't 100%, or you're not interested in this project. It would be better if you asked a team member if you wanted to quit the project.
As long as you understand the current project 100%, you will know what needs to be implemented and what will come next.
If you own this project, you will know what you want to make. Then show it to the end user. right?

When low standard of independent working condition

  1. If checked on hubstaff, but didn’t report to HRD team.
notion image
→ Give one week unpaid timeoff after stop all tasks
→ Will get badge “weak of independent skill” on organization chart
  1. If they try to hide “non-task” and waste time (e.g research without result), but didn’t report to HRD team.
→ Give two week unpaid time off ater stop all tasks.
→ Deduct time 2hours (e.g 8hours per day→6hours and deduct total salary)
Step2 warning 6h→4h
If he can’t recover warning of step2 within one month. They will be leave out of company.
→ Will get badge “weak of independent skill” on organization chart

Big size team

Good for coworking in the repo with over 10developers.
An experienced developer usually has worked on a team with 10 developers and an IT team, but having worked on a repo with more than 10 developers is very unique.
Usually running projects, and having real user service do like that, and running projects require more than we expected.
What if you make code and release it, but then some bugs appear and make a huge loss for the company? In order to prevent these issues, you would need to do many things.
You already have world-best practices in your coworking skills if you have that experience.

Good communication skill

Good async communication skills for different time zone.
Example: document base, self management, self define task, self define rearange priority of task.
There is an A team that works 8 hours a day, and a B team that works 24 hours a day. Which team will develop a qualified product. Consider excluding everything and only defining the difference in working hours.
Definitely, the B team will create a qualified product.

Rush period

To get market value, one month one time company or product team should have.
We will follow of your decision, you can take your time, you can take hyper growth.
Pic: one project joined a lot of talent to get market value after from competitors. Value came from market, and real users. To get value we must fight and win.
notion image
Pic: You can feel kind of hackathon, no sleep, no weekend, but beat competitors and get market value. This kind of experience make you more unique.
notion image
Pic: Feedback of Rush period, what was good, what was bad, We could find what is our team weak point, what we need to improve as market level. Do not satisfied with current.
notion image

Tardiness - Late for work

Tardiness is a serious issue because it reflects no self-management
If you make us say about this over one time, you are must be school guy instead of professional person. We have multiple timezone and multiple convenient, we are awaiting about you to teamsync, once you late and miss that what we expect result from your side.
"You're tardy" is something children are told in school. This isn't school. Plan to be here on time, ready to start work when you're supposed to. Traffic accidents happen, you get sick, you have a broken laptop, internet out, we get that, but it doesn't happen every morning. You can join mobile data or any to access internet, let know notice your situation.
If you have highest standard about lateness, you can work with us.
If you have lowest standard about lateness, you go back to school.

When low standard of Tardiness working condition

  1. If checked on hubstaff, but didn’t report to HRD team.
notion image
→ Warn Step1 by slack
→ Warn Step2 by video call
→ Warn Step3 by call and get parent number and check working condition how we can improve it (e.g give coworking office)
→ Warn Step4 by call to parent and check working condition how we can improve it
(e.g give coworking office)
→ Warn Step5, Give one week unpaid timeoff after stop all tasks
→ Will get badge “tardiness” on organization chart
  1. If they try to lie even one time.
    1. → Give two week unpaid time off after stop all tasks.
      → Deduct time 2hours (e.g 8hours per day→6hours and deduct total salary)
      Step2 warning 6h→4h
      If he can’t recover warning of step2 within one month. They will be leave out of company.


Always apply at least 2 hours earlier on Hubstaff (unpaid time-off request - Late to Work) for the time you will be late to start your shift. If you fail to inform or apply on hubstaff 2 hours prior to your shift it will be considered uninformed and evidence will be required for it.
Comment: Why we consider about late that is company try to being world remote working company.


Getting late to work is a serious offense and very unprofessional behavior. As an global organization we have to reflect a professional and right attitude of working. Because remote work does not mean no self management. We will be following the above warning system for tardiness.
Uninformed late on Hubstaff can result in disciplinary actions.
Failure to comply to this policy may lead to termination of employment because no one would like to work with someone who is habitual of getting late to work and have a poor self management skill.


  1. If you get a penalty and resume work, but you are late again.
    1. Ah, you still haven't solved your problem, and easy to forget. The company R&R is to make better your codndition with strong policy. We try to be No.1 best remote working place, to be that company must prepare best environment, environment made by each talent instead of tons of policies. We believe you want to work as No.1 best remote working environment.
    2. Penalty: 1 week unpaid time off. Start next Monday.



To aim is not enough, you must hit! ~ German Proverb

Reward system

  1. Personal Reward
    1. Purpose: It is for self development and performance. And It is kind of investment into each person.
    2. Condition
      1. Must agree and understand purpose.
      2. Must Over Rank A working condition.
      3. Must have best feedback from project leader, project manager, project owner.
    3. Amount: $300
    4. Quests (example)
      1. Fill more than 250 hours per months and fill 160hours in a row.
      2. Show best results with good feedback
  1. Team Reward
    1. Purpose: When Company make benefit, company share benefit to increase commitment. Make unity and produce best results with coordination
    2. Amount: $1000 for the team
    3. Quests:
      1. Show team performance and become best team in regards to results and performance.
      2. Each team member needs to perform and have good coordination and low communication within team

Reward System Penalty

If you fail to complete the quest:
  • If you revoke any reward (Team or Personal) You will not be allowed for 2 months to re-enter the quest.
Quest Failure Reasons:
  1. Do not complete the working hours and condition of working hours
  1. Just filling time without any proper activity, work and productivity.


Tesla company make change earth. To enter tesla company is not difficult than we expect, but it is not easy to make long term contract on there. Most of al employee in Tesla they work 400hrs per month.
We are also trying to change world from fintech field.
To do this one of our solution is working “hell” hard.
To fill 400hrs, health management skill must be required.
Many person forget this easily, and lose time to recover health.
Without health management skill, it is not possible to reach and long term.
You could see many top tier talent, top tier celebrate who are survived a long time. They must have “good health management skill”.


  1. If you want to see real world from fake world, read our code of conduct again again again. Our comment has proofed by several top tier companies.

Weekly 1:1 Focus Time - Team Manager & Member

As all are working remotely they don't get enough chance to work together and build professional relationship with leader. This will help to reduce this kind of issue and build positive relation within team and company.
  • One-on-ones focus time is a tool to keep team members engaged and build trust.
  • Develop healthy work relation within the team
  • Enhance productivity by focus time
  • Opportunity to work together
  • Improve work environment
Duration: 45 minutes/ 1 time a week/ 4 times a month
  • 1 time per week / per team member
  • 1 or 2 members in 1 day on different time
It is mandatory meeting to join with camera on and uninformed absence in this meeting can result in disciplinary action. Always coordinate with your project leader about this.